Real-time capture and round-the-clock analysis of extensive market data allows our company to identify and improve any economic inefficiencies in our supply chain. This continuous feedback process supports the following core functions at Carib LPG, allowing our company to ensure the safest, most reliable and economically efficient delivery of every shipment.

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Carib LPG Carib LPG


Our Services


Long-standing contracts and strong relationships paired with a reliable supply chain facilitate our procurement and shipment of NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) and Petrochemical gases. Carib LPG therefore has the ability to consistently meet current customer demands, while offering the flexibility required to grow their own businesses.

Trading & Logistics

From supplier to customer, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the demand expected and deserved by our customers. Our company prides itself on providing both reliable and efficient sourcing and shipping services to long-term contract holders and spot customers alike.


Carib LPG has significant experience in both chartering and owning vessels in the LPG and Petroleum industry. Our current fleet, consisting of 7+ Pressurized Gas Carriers (PGCs) on time-charter represents over 300,000 barrels of LPG shipping capacity. This allows us to adapt quickly and safely to variations in supply and demand, thereby providing our customers with maximum flexibility, improvement of freight logistics and optimization of our shipping position.

Carib LPG Trade And Finance

Trade Finance

Carib LPG works with several renowned financial institutions to develop unique solutions to our broad range of customers. These customized approaches offer our clients the potential to optimize their working capital. To date, we have facilitated the financing of over USD $1 billion of cargo through such tailor-made credit terms. 

Carib LPG Risk And Management

Risk Management

With a wide range of options for managing commodity price risk, we employ cutting-edge systems that capture and respond to volatile market prices. These systems enable our customers to directly benefit from the security required in an ever-fluctuating market. Our company works proactively with our partners to ensure that such risks are continuously identified and mitigated accordingly. As such, we are able to capture, respond to and act on commodity price changes in real time while offering clients relevant, customized solutions.